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By Shannon Kim, Vice President, Hospitality

January 23, 2024

As a technology enthusiast, I take sheer joy in witnessing the trajectory of technology and visualizing its impacts on our economy, social structures, education, art, and politics. Concepts once confined to fiction, like those in Blade Runner or The Jetsons, are now transitioning into reality, which is truly thrilling.

Having recently attended the CES Show in Las Vegas, I was inspired by the lightning-fast evolution of technology, and how it's being applied throughout the hospitality sector.

Every project presents fresh opportunities, and it's fascinating to witness how technology, operations and design merge to enhance the guest experience. Let's delve into the top innovations in the hotel technology:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Chatbots, AI Bots

AI, especially ChatGPT, has rapidly revolutionized many industries. AI is becoming standard in hotels, as a way to enhance the customer experiences at lightning speed and dynamically transform guest interactions, predicting their needs, curating unique experiences using analytics, streamlining transactions, and improving operational efficiencies. 

Robotics - Redefining Hospitality Labor

Robots are transforming task-based labor jobs in the hospitality sector, from cooking to bartending. The impact, whether positive or negative, requires exploration by developers and policymakers to efficiently integrate this evolving robotic workforce.


Auto/Mobility/Transportation - Redefining Parking and Driving Experiences

CES showcased innovations like cars changing direction and parking with remarkable ease, revolutionizing urban hotel parking. The integration of electric cars with hotels opens possibilities for seamless communication between your car and the hotel.


Contactless Payments, Keyless Entry and Mobile Check-In - Transforming Hospitality

Contactless payments, keyless entry and mobile check-in, accelerated by the pandemic, are revolutionizing hotel transaction processes and guest-staff interactions, making the conventional reception desk obsolete. Think about a scenario where the typical reception desk fades away, and the interaction between hotel staff and guests becomes up-close, personal, and intimate. This shift not only allows for more personalized services but also opens avenues for potential upselling opportunities. The visual transformation of these elements in hotel design is nothing short of revolutionary.


Wellness & Luxurious Experience - Elevating the Stay with Immersive Luxury

In the world of wellness and luxury, the term "immersive" has taken on a whole new meaning by tapping into all the senses. One such example is an in-room spa experiences where the shower system seamlessly integrates aroma therapy and tranquil sounds. This scenarios transform your bathroom into a lavish retreat experience. However, that's not all – there's a water recycle and filtration system in place, ensuring a luxurious shower experience that's also mindful of water conservation. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a sensory journey that luxury hotels can leverage for immediate upsell opportunities.

Virtual Reality - Fitness and Travel Unleashed

The realm of virtual reality is bringing a revolution to fitness while traveling. Imagine having a personal trainer accompany you, not through a programmed instructor on a screen, but by donning virtual reality goggles. Suddenly, your workout isn't just a routine; you're immersed in it, transported to the pristine beauty of the Maldives or any other destination you desire. The boundaries of physical space vanish as you embark on a fitness journey without limitations.


A TV On the Wall? The Future of In-room Entertainment

Over the decades, we've explored numerous design solutions to make the TV seamlessly integrate into the room—TV brackets, recessed TVs, built-in millwork, and even using poles to mount TVs when architectural constraints limited our options. The next wave of technology involves projecting TV images anywhere in the room, transcending traditional constraints and offering guests an immersive and multifaceted entertainment experience.


Imagine gazing out the window while enjoying your favorite TV show simultaneously. Get ready for a revolution in how we view and interact with entertainment in hotel spaces. In exploring these cutting-edge innovations, it's clear that the future of hospitality is not on the horizon; it's here. 


Designers play a crucial role in adapting spaces to these changes, crafting immersive encounters that blur the lines between home and hotel. In this digital age of hospitality, the possibilities are limitless, promising stays that transcend the ordinary, offering unparalleled luxury, wellness, and technology-driven experiences. The future of hospitality is now – are you ready to embrace it?

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